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Jamie Davis Net Worth

Jamie Davis Net Worth 2020

Jamie Davis is an exceptional actor who has earned global recognition at a very young age. Flaunting a very successful career, the American actor strives towards soaring higher up in the sky and touching new horizons altogether.

The extravaganza with which he performs is reflected in all the films he has been graciously spotted in. some of the flattering hits by Jamie Davis are “Casualty”, “Footballer’s Wives”, “Hex”, and “Footballer’s Wives: Extra Time”. If you are wondering about the journey to this majestic position, then keep reading to know more about his early life, career and net worth of Jamie Davis in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jamie Davis Net Worth 2020

Jamie Davis was born on the 18th of April in the year 1981, in the Pontefract region of West Yorkshire. There he was enrolled in the Carlton High School where he had completed his education. During his schooling, Jamie Davis had emerged as a professional football player. According to an interview, he had also said that he has a staunch supporter of the glorious Liverpool F.C.

Personal Life

Jamie Davis is known to have tied the knot with Lucy, and the couple is happily blessed with two beautiful children named Mabel and Noah. The family has residential addresses in England as well as Wales, where the family shifts according to his shooting schedules.

Career, Awards & Nominations

At the very young age of 16, Jamie Davis had stepped into the world of acting, when he had got a break at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. However, his debut break is considered with the film “Trevor’s World of Sport”. Thereafter, he had successfully bagged a major role in “Footballer’s Wives” while being on the 3rd year during his drama schooling days. He was starred in the series for the popular 3rd as well as the 4th seasons. Henceforth, Jamie Davis was again signed for “Footballer’s Wives: Extra time”.

During the tenure of such popular series, Jamie Davis was also seen in “Colour Me Kubrick” in the year 2005. After this, he had also signed for one of the major hit series “Hex”. Jamie Davis had also performed in blockbuster films like “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, “The Bill”, The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard”, “Casualty”, “Shameless”, and “Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps”. Apart from this, Jamie Davis was also seen in the 8th s\episode of 2nd season in the series “Death In Paradise”.

Jamie Davis had signed up for one of his biggest hits “Casualty” in the year 2013 and had continued till the beginning of 2018. He has now called off the show because he wants to be there for his family and take a break from showbiz and monotony.

Jamie Davis has been a very popular actor ever since his recurring roles and has earned global appreciation as well as created an extraordinary fanbase to date.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jamie Davis had struggled his way off to the present position. After bagging various supportive roles in a number of series, Jamie Davis had finally emerged as a popular actor. He had signed a few very important roles which had led to the net worth of Jamie Davis to be $2 million.

Jamie Davis is known for his promising career and dedication. He has reached the present position via sheer hard work and dedication and hopes to continue to do so. Besides, Jamie Davis is also known as a very humble, family person and mandatorily balances his time between his work and family.


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