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Jackie Gleason Net Worth

Jackie Gleason Net Worth 2020

Almost everyone desires that when one departs from this world, he or she will live a legacy. One such person remembered after he is long gone is Jackie Gleason. Jackie is an American actor who was very famous for his performances during his time. To know more about the net worth of Jackie Gleason in 2020 read the following article.

Early Life & Biography:

Jackie Gleason Net Worth 2020

Jackie was born on 26th February 1916 at a place called Lauderhill in the United States of America with his birth name being John Herbert Gleason. His father was Herbert Walton who was an insurance auditor, and the mother was Mae. He was born with two siblings, but one who was called Clement died of Meningitis while he was fourteen years old. His father abandoned them when Jackie was young, making him engage himself in suspicious behaviours and spending his time with gangs and in a hustling pool.

In his elementary school, he joined John Adams High School but did not complete his studies to graduate. Instead, he opted to concentrate on his acting career and started working in a theatre. It was so unfortunate that when Jackie was nineteen years, his mother passed on. Life became hard for him, and he left the village, went to the city and started his performances as a comedian.

Personal Life:

Jackie dated Genevieve Helford who was a dancer in Vaudeville for some time, and they later got married in 20th September 1936. Their marriage did not materialize, and the duo separated in 1941 but reunited in 1948. In 1951 they informally separated. Within the course of their relationship, they had two daughters Geraldine born in 1940 and Linda born in 1942.

He again dated Beverly McKittrick who was a secretary in a country club in 1968, and they exchanged their marriage vows in 1970 after formally divorcing his first wife. Just like the first marriage, even the second one did not work, and the couple divorced in 1974. He engaged a widow who had a young son, and they married in 16th December 1975. The marriage lasted until Jackie’s demise in 1978.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Jackie had appeared in several theaters, and his breakthrough became known at the age of 24 years when he performed in the movie industry. He acted movies like Orchestra Wives, All Through the Night and others. Jackie is also a musician, and his famous album Mood Music with jazz tones hit the market in the 1950s to 1960s.

In the USA Academy Awards in 1962 Jackie was nominated as the best actor in supporting role and on the same year he was the winner of Laurel Awards as the top male supporting performer. In National Board Review Awards he won as the best supporting actor. He was the Golden Global and Prime Emmy nominee in 1963 and 1964.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Jackie had earned a lot of money from his best-selling album known as Mood Music and through his performances in different movies. He owned property like houses in Florida, affecting his net worth positively. Jackie had many awards and nominations that boosted his earnings.

In total from all his sources of income and earnings, Jackie Gleason net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Jackie Gleason died of colon cancer, and despite the illness, he was still active in the industry. In his life, Jackie was known to be a romantic person.


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