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Dom Mazzetti Net Worth

Dom Mazzetti Net Worth 2020

Mike Tornabene is also known as Dom Mazzetti is an American based actor and writer who got his recognition after playing the role of “Dom Mazzetti” in a series of sketches of YouTube videos. The character “Dom Mazzetti” which Mike played is of a bodybuilder. He is also popular for hosting a fitness series “Bro Science Life” on the YouTube. Now let’s have a close look at the net worth of Dom Mazzetti in the year 2019.

Early life and Biography

Dom Mazzetti Net Worth 2020

There is very less information available about Mike about his early life and parents. He met his friend cum partner Gian Hunjan in the second grade of high school. They had many everyday thoughts for Nike trainers who have helped them bond. During the last year of his school, he worked in a restaurant with his friend Gian. During the night, both of them performed in front of the kitchen staff after closing of the restaurant. After some time, they started getting appreciated for their performance by their colleagues at work. They decided to act as a comedy pair and make videos of it to post on YouTube.

Personal life

Mike likes to keep his personal life secret. His fans always ask him about his girlfriend, if he is seeing someone, but he never came clear on this topic on his YouTube channel or any other media. He spent most of his time making videos for his YouTube channel and with his friend cum partner Gian. They have a great bonding between them. Gian is like family to him because they are together since the second grade from school. Mike has released his book “The Swolly Bible: The Bro Science Way of Life” with the help of Gian.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Mike has launched his YouTube channel in the year 2009 with his close friend, Gian. This channel offered Comedy skits presented by Hunjan and Tornabene. They have uploaded a Christmas PSA in which they have performed a duo to surprise the children on the occasion of the Christmas. The first video on their channel was, Tornabene, answering different questions on the terrorism. Mike kept posting videos on his channel and spent most of his teenage years in making videos for his channel. After so much hard work, the channel crossed more than 2.1 million subscribers and a huge fan base.

Net worth and Earnings

After a lot of hard work and dedication for his passion, Mike has built a staggering net worth of around $2 million. His YouTube channel has contributed so much to building this much of fortune. The combined net worth of Mike and Gian is more than $3 million. They shared earnings of the channel equally.

Mike is a person who did not have any support from his family, but he decided to make his life bigger on his own. He shared an incredible bond with his friend Gian. Mike has written an excellent book on fitness and lifestyle advice and People who like to stay fit loved his book.


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