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DJ Qualls Net Worth

DJ Qualls Net Worth 2020

Donald Joseph Qualls is an American producer, model and an actor who is popularly known as DJ Qualls and has best been known for his work in films such as ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Hustle and Flow’ among many more. DJ Qualls has also appeared in various television series including ‘Breaking band’ and ‘Scrubs’ and later, he featured in a comedy series that was dubbed ‘Syfy’ horror series Z nation. Keep reading to learn more on the net worth of DJ Qualls in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

DJ Qualls Net Worth 2020

DJ Qualls was born on June 10th in 1978 in Nashville, Tennessee, In the United States of America. His parents were Donnie and Debbie Qualls, and he was among the five children of the family. He grew up in Manchester, Tennessee and schooled in a school that was nearby.

At the age of fourteen, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and he had to undergo treatment which was later followed by chemotherapy. He graduated from Coffee County Central High School with a high school diploma and later joined King’s College, London where he pursued a degree in English Literature.

Personal Life

The personal life of DJ Qualls has remained a mystery to many people like very little information is available regarding his personal life. It remains unclear if he is married or if he has any children. However, there have been some rumors that he might be gay, rumors that have never been confirmed.

Career, Awards & Nominations

The career of DJ Qualls started after he featured in a film dubbed ‘Against The Wall’ where he landed various roles in films such as ‘Mama Flora Family.’ He had worked with community Theatre where he displayed excellent skills when it came to acting. He auditioned for a role in a movie ‘Road Trip,’ and he was requested to travel from Atlanta office to meet with the producer Ivan. In this movie, he featured as a very shy virgin.

After this, he had a chance to work as a model for the Prada and various photographers including Steve Klein and David LaChapelle. In 2000, he appeared as a virgin in a movie that was titled, Cherry Falls. The year that followed, he appeared as Neil Lawrence in a film ‘ChaSING Holden.’ He has featured in other movies including ‘The New Guy’ and ‘The Core.’

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of DJ Qualls is over $6.5 million. The wealth has been created from his career film where he has been involved in the production of multiple movies as a producer, comedian, and actor. Apart from films, he has been heavily involved as a fashion model which has helped to increase his net worth.

DJ Qualls has enjoyed super growth when it comes to both films and modeling. He has demonstrated hard work, dedication, and excellence when it comes to various assignments that engage in. It remains unclear if he is married or has children. Keep it for updates regarding the life of DJ Qualls.


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