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Desi Arnaz Net Worth (dead)

Desi Arnaz Net Worth 2020

Desi Arnaz was an Established actor, singer, and a reputed producer in the 40s era. Desi had a successful film career which had fetched him unfathomable income and net profit which was highly notable and praiseworthy to a great extent. He had appeared in a well-known film called ‘I love Lucy’ which made an extraordinary record at the box-office with much positive reviews and feedback. In this film, he had co-starred with ‘Lucille Ball’ who became his life partner in the year 1940. Let us find out the net worth of Desi Arnaz in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Desi Arnaz Net Worth 2020

Desi Arnaz was born on 2 March 1917 in Cuba, and thus he was born with a Cuban nationality. Originally, Desi Arnaz was born with the birth name as ‘Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III’. Arnaz was born to father ‘Desiderio Alberto Arnaz II’ and mother ‘Dolores De Acha’. Arnaz did his schooling from the ‘St. Patrick Catholic High School’. Desi Arnaz was a bit weak in English, and thus he went to ‘Saint Leo Prep’. In addition to this, Desi Arnaz was good with music, and thus he used to play the guitar at a local hotel in his hometown.

Personal Life

In the year 1940, Desi Arnaz got hitched to ‘Lucille Ball’ who was an actress by profession. The couple together had a problematic and unhappy married life. The couple together had two children ‘Desi Arnaz Jr.’ and ‘Lucie Arnaz’. In the year 1960, the couple ended up in a divorce. Later, Arnaz got married to ‘Edith Mack Hirsch’.
Due to his smoking habit, Desi Arnaz was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he then died at the age of 69. During this time, Arnaz’s first wife ‘Lucille Ball’ was by his side.

Career, Awards & Achievements

In his initial days, Desi Arnaz got the opportunity in playing music in the ‘Cugat Orchestra’. In the year 1937, Arnaz independently launched his own music band and named it as ‘Desi Arnaz Orchestra’. With this musical band, Arnaz had gained a lot of recognition and popularity among his fan followers and audience. Aranz then gave several auditions for various musical bands.

After some time, he decided to try his luck in the films in Hollywood. In the year 1943, he also took part in the World War II by serving in the army. In the year 1946, Arnaz launched his first single song ‘Babalu’ which got a great response from the audience. But much to surprise, Desi became highly popular and famous for being the part of the film ‘I Love Lucy’.

Over the past years of his brilliant work profile, Desi Arnaz had won several awards such the ‘Golden Globe Award’, ‘Walk of Fame’, and lastly the ‘Online Film & Television Association Award’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Desi Arnaz was probably best-known for his roles and movies including the ‘Forever, Darling’ and the ‘I Love Lucy’. The actor was a part of the American entertainment industries since his birth. Desi Arnaz used to own a lavish house situated on the Hollywood hills with a motor court and also a five-car garage. It seems the total estimated net worth of Desi Arnaz was about $20 million approximately.

In fact, Desi Arnaz got a great response from the American audiences where he made live appearance and recordings through his musical talent and skills remarkably. In addition to this, Desi Arnaz was expertise in Latin-American dance where he had also made several live appearances on stage with a high critical response.


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