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Dean McDermott Net Worth

Dean McDermott Net Worth 2020

Dean McDermott apart from being an actor is also a professional chef. It was thanks to his culinary skills that he got the opportunity to host multiple numbers of cooking shows. The man has some amazing skills as a chef and has been part of many cooking ventures. Let’s find more about the net worth of Dean McDermott in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Dean McDermott Net Worth 2020

Dean McDermott grew up in Ontario, Canada. His father is David and mother Doreen. Apart from Dean, there are other siblings in the family also.

Personal Life

Dean had multiple marriages. His first wife was Mary Jo Eustace, an actress. Both of them together had a son. Dean met his future wife, Tori Spelling when both of them started filming, “Murder in Ottawa.” They began an affair soon after meeting. Dean shortly filed for divorce and even recorded to get the full custody of his son. Spelling and Dean have five children.

McDermott involved himself in a bike accident in the year 2010. The accident had a terrible effect on him with his lung getting punctured. However, the man recovered fully with a week of hospitalization. A Canadian by birth, McDermott became an American citizen in the year 2010. In the year 2014, McDermott had to go to rehab for some personal problems. In a statement, he even mentioned how much sorry he was for being a pain to his family.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

McDermott started his career from culinary school. He became a professional chef, which helped him later in his career. He has apart from being part of TV series and films being part of shows like, “Against the Ropes,” and “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy.” In the year 2013, he featured in Food Network’s popular series called, “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.” He eventually became the winner of the show. The following year, he hosted the show, “Chopped Canada.” McDermott hosted this show for the next two seasons before leaving.

Apart from cooking shows, Dean has also been part of other shows like, “Always and Forever,” “Christmas Maybe,” and “Santa Baby.” He also acted in shows like, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Final Conflict,” “800-Missing”, “Tracker” and many more.

Dean McDermott has also written down the book called, “The Gourmet Dad.” In this book, he has written about different ways to make plates that would attract children.

Net Worth and Earnings

Dean McDermott has been a professional actor and been part of many shows and films. Thanks to his collaborations with movies and tv shows, he today has a net worth of $1 million. His films include some big budget projects, and almost all his plays were broadcasted on favorite channels of America and Canada.

An actor and a chef, Dean McDermott is a fine example of an artistic person. After two marriages, Dean is the happy father of six children. He is living a great life which includes being part of movies, tv shows and of course cooking.


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