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David Tennant Net Worth

David Tennant Net Worth 2020

He is recognized by many for portraying an incredible character in the science fiction series known as the ‘Doctor Who.’ He is a famous actor from Scotland as well as a voice actor best known for lending his voice to popular projects. He did the voice of Scrooger McDuck in 2017 and many others. Tennant has made a name in the acting industry. Here are the complete details about the career, biography, and net worth of David Tennant in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

David Tennant Net Worth 2020

He was born in 1971 in Bathgate. His parents are Alexander Sandy McDonald, who was a Scottish minister of the Church of Scotland and Helen McLeod. He has two siblings namely Karen and Blair.

He attended Ralston Primary School, where he used to engage in acting throughout his time in the institution. At the age of 11, his passion for acting was discovered by Edith MacArthur and she confirmed to his parents that Tennant would become a successful actor.

He was enrolled at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where attended Saturday classes. When he was sixteen years, he auditioned and passed for the Academy and he was able to study at the school for three years.

Personal Life

He married the daughter of Peter Davison, Georgia Moffet in 2011. The couple feature in the film ‘Doctor Who.’ They have four children together. He loves to keep his private life or relationships away from the media. Tennant is a churchgoer.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started his acting career while still in high school when he was given a role in an anti-smoking film. He got a role in the ‘Dramarama’ series, which aired on ITV. After graduating from Darama School, he co-starred alongside Ashley Jensen in the film ‘The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.’

His major role was when he acted ‘Takin’ over the Asylum’. He got an opportunity to meet with other celebrities like Arabella Weir whom they have also acted together.

Tennant also specialized in comic roles such as ‘The Comedy of Errors,’ ‘The Rivals,’ ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ among others. He has also done narration for various audio books and video games.

His talent has earned him various awards. He has won the 2012 Daytime Emmy Award, 2013 TV Choice Award, BroadwayWorld UK Award in 2011, and many others.

He has also been nominated for many awards like the 2003 Olivier Award, Evening Standard Theater Award, Broadcasting Press Guild Award, and many others.

Net Worth & Earnings

David Tennant has an estimated net worth of $8 million. His successful years of acting have translated into a whopping net worth. He get money from his acting jobs as well as lending his voice for various projects. He lives a comfortable life with his wife and they drive fancy cars.

The celebrity David Tennant has achieved a lot in his career. He is among the best actors in Scotland and he has gained popularity from all over the globe. He is an inspiration to many people who want to follow their dream.