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Dana Carvey Net Worth

Dana Carvey Net Worth 2020

When we read through Dana Carvey story, we can see him going up the success ladder despite hiccups that are the order of the day. Despite undergoing the wrong surgery, and at times having his works killed before seeing the light of day, he still pushed through. Now, what is the net worth of Dana Carvey in 2020 and what has he been through in his career life? The answers unveil in a moment.

Early Life & Biography

Dana Carvey Net Worth 2020

Born in 1955, June the 2nd, Dana Thomas Carvey is an American standup comedian. He was born in Missoula, Montana, as the second of Billie Dahl boys. His father, Billie Dahl was a school teacher while the mother was a Bud Carvey was a high school teacher. The standup comedian has many roots, as he has the English, Norwegian, German and Swedish ancestry. His family moved to San Carlos, California when the comedian was only three years old. Here, they lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He went to Tierra Linda Junior High then to Carlmon High school in Belmont. In high school, Dana became a member of the Central Coast Section. Carvey attended the College of San Mateo where he received his degree in broadcast communications in San Francisco State University.

Personal Life

What we know is that Dana is a married man. The comedian first married Leah Carvey in 1979 for one year until 1980. He again got married in 1983 to Paula Zwaggerman. He is a proud father of two, Dex and Thomas.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He became a stand-up comedian after completing his studies in San Francisco University. While his first TV efforts were quite promising, the comedian efforts did not bear fruits, and this prompted him to focus on comedy. Here he starred as a college student who welcomes his grandfather to come to stay with him alongside his roommate after his retirement, in the sitcom One of The Boys.

He became the straight man to the grandfather in the film; his name was Mickey Rooney. In the movie, Meg Ryan was his girlfriend and Nathan Lane, his roommate. The show was later discontinued only after airing for eight months.

He got another role in, This Is Spinal Tap, which he played alongside Billy Crystal. Dana in 1985 appeared in a music video, Lucky, performed by Gren Kihn. His breakthrough came about the next year upon costarring Tough Guys alongside Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. The Comedy Central ranks him number 90 out of 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time. His major works were the Saturday Night Live show, Wayne’s World skits.

He also did exceptionally in impersonation, taking on the personalities of notable people, e.g. Ross Perot and President George Bush. In 1993 he won the Primetime Emmy Awards. He also won the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Three times winner of American Comedy Awards, USA, one MTV Movie + TV Awards. He has received up to 12 nominees for Primetime Emmy Awards and MTV Movie + TV Awards, and one The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

The 63 years old comedian is known for his exceptional talents of writing, comedy, and Acting. His estimated worth is $24 million. There is not quite a lot we can say about his net worth but his works over time still stand.

Having read about Dana Carvey works, awards and achievements, we can see that nothing comes easy. For one to succeed in life, they must be committed, determined and have the zeal to make it big in life. Most of all aspire to be consistent like Dana Carvey did. We believe that though he seems to keep a low profile, he is doing great, and we should expect a blockbuster from him anytime.


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