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Creed Bratton Net Worth

Creed Bratton Net Worth 2020

For many who have a deep interest in the band famously known as The Grass Roots, Creed Bratton is not a stranger to them. Although he left the band later along in life, he is still associated by it by most of his fans. Let us take a tour to learn more about the early life, career, biography, and, net worth of Creed Bratton in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Creed Bratton Net Worth 2020

On the 8th of February 1943, a son was born in Los Angeles, California. His parents named him William Charles Schneider but later came to be known as Creed Bratton. Creed was born by musicians since both of his parents were musicians. This made it easier for Creed to venture into music at an early age at only 13 years of age.

Creed started singing when he was in high school, and his talents grew more when he joined college and begun singing in college programs. Creed is 6 feet tall with a very attractive appearance and presentation styles.

Personal Life

With his attractive appearance, cheerful nature and sharp presentation styles, Creed has had affairs with very many women. However, there are only two relationships that have been put in the record of women who once became his wives.

Creed first dated Josephine Fitzpatrick and they later got married. They officially mentioned their relationship on 1st September 1967. Their relationship, however, didn’t last as long as expected and in 1974, they filed for a divorce.

Two years later, Creed got married to Claudia Anderson, and they officiated their union on 29th February 1976. Nothing much is known about their marriage. Creed has since put his personal life from the public including whether he has kids or not.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Creed Bratton started his singing career in 1965 when he was still in school. When he joined college, he took it to a different level and started live performance in different programs in the school. Creed started working in collaboration with different musical bands to build his confidence and expertise in music.

In 1966, Creed decided to traverse the world as a travelling musician. During his trips overseas, he met Warren Entner who was a guitarist, and they both decided to form a band which they called the ‘13th Floor.’ In 1967, the band grew, even more, since other musicians and instrumentalists joined in. They changed the name of the band from the ‘13th Floor’ to ‘The Grass Roots’.

Bratton later developed an acting career and has made appearances on, Heart Like a Wheel”, “Mask”, “Quincy ME ’and the famous series “The Office”. He won the award popularly known as ‘Best Ensemble- Comedy Series after appearing in the NBC drama series “The Office”.

Net Worth and Earnings

Creed Bratton has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. Creed came back to singing between the years 2000-2001 after concentrating in comedy and released a number of solo albums. His career in music and acting has contributed a lot to the growth of his net worth over the years.

Despite him being a celebrity and in the public domain for such a long time, Bratton has never been involved in any major rumour or controversy. He has always kept his life clean and can, therefore, be celebrated as one of the great icons in the music and acting industry.


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