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Burt Reynolds Net Worth

Burt Reynolds is an American who is popular as an actor, a director and also a producer. He has had a career spanning over five decades from the year 1958. He has played major roles in major blockbuster movies, his first main movie breaking out in 1972.he has been nominated for several awards in what has been a very spectacular career. Below is a close review of career and net worth of Burt Reynolds in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Burt Reynolds Net Worth 2020

Burt was born as Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. in 1936, February 11th. His place of birth was Lansing, Michigan. His father was the late Fern H. and mother, the late Milo Reynolds. English, Scottish, Dutch and Irish are all his ancestry roots. He was brought up in Michigan with his family before being enrolled into the USA army. After that, they relocated to Missouri where they settled for two years. His early life involved a lot of movement because of the nature of his father’s work.

He attended school at Palm Beach High School where he engaged in football as a fullback. His talent was enormous and even received several scholarships. He graduated from high school and joined Florida State University on a football scholarship. Here he played as a halfback. His football career was put to a halt when he suffered a knee injury and was also involved in a car accident.

Personal Life

He decided to try out being a police officer, but he changed his decision when he was featured in a play that went on to win in the nationals. He referred to his producer Duncan as his mentor as he helped influence him to a career in acting. Burt has been married twice and has been blessed with one child.

Career, Awards, & Achievements

After winning the drama festivals and also an award, he was awarded a scholarship to study theatre. He met Joanne Woodward who helped him find an agent. He received his first debut in Broadway when he appeared in ‘tea and sympathy.’ He went on to feature in ‘Look, we’ve Come Through’ which was a major success. Before breaking through, he did jobs such as being a waiter and washing dishes and also as a bouncer.

Since then he appeared in Riverboat, Gunsmoke, Dan August, The American Sportsman, Impasse, Shark, Deliverance, White Lightning, Lucky Lady, Smokey And The Bandit, Gator, The Cannonball, Malone, Boogie Nights, Without A Paddle, The Longest Yard, The Dukes Of Hazard and The Last Movie Star.
Burt has also directed many movies, also hosted many TV shows, authored several books and also released a music album.

Burt has won many awards in which he has been nominated. They include American Movie Awards, People’s Choice Award, Online Film Critics’ Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Awards, Film Critics Circle Awards, Screen Actors Guild Award, Florida Film Critics Circle and Satellite Awards all of which he has won on multiple occasions. He has a career comparable to very few individuals.

Net Worth & Earnings

As at the age of 81, Burt’s net worth is valued to be around $7 million. This amount would be many ways higher had it not been for his controversial life. It is recorded that before bankruptcy his value was more $90 million. He has accumulated the wealth through sales of movies, his books and also the music album.

Despite having a spectacular career, Burt filed for bankruptcy in 1996 due to his expensive lifestyle. Divorce settlement from Loni and also failed investments in Florida. Despite this, his whole contribution to the industry is undisputed and will forever remain a legend. He has an accolades cabinet that is massive, and few can boast of such.


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