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Billy Zane Net Worth

Billy Zane Net Worth 2020

Hugely known for playing the character of Caledon Hockley in the all-time best romantic movie ‘Titanic’, Billy Zones is an American actor and producer. Other than ‘Titanic’, he is also known for his roles in the films ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Dead Calm’ and ‘Demon Knight’. Here, have a close look at the career and net worth of Billy Zones in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Billy Zane Net Worth 2020

Billy Zane was born on February 24, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois. His full name is William George Zane Jr. His parents, Thalia and William George Zane Sr., were the actors. They also ran a school for medical technicians. He has a sister named Lisa Zane who is also an actress and a singer. Initially, Billy attended ‘The American School in Switzerland’ but later enrolled at Francis W. Parker School when he moved back to America. After completing high school from here, he learned acting from Harand Camp of Theater Art.

Personal life

When it comes to love, Billy seems to be extremely choosy. He has been into a few serious relationships but couldn’t lead a happy married life. First, he married actress Lisa Collins in 1989 but divorced her in 1995. Then, he dated actress Leonor Varela. Even after their engagement, they parted their ways. Next, he married actress Kelly Brooke and divorced her in 2008. Presently, he is engaged to model Candice Neil. The couple has two kids together, but they are yet to get married.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Since he was the son of actor parents, he always wanted to become an actor only. He didn’t have to struggle much to land his first role. Soon after moving to California, he bagged a role in the film ‘Back to the Future’ in 1985. The next year, he starred in the film ‘Critters’. These two films helped him to earn the recognition as an actor.

Following that, he appeared in a few other TV shows and films. In 1990, he starred as a lead actor in the film ‘Megaville’. Though the film was not a blockbuster hit, it still managed to garner a decent popularity for Billy. Since then, he continuously appeared in the films, but he had to wait until 1998 to taste the success. In 1998, he appeared in ‘Titanic’ and the rest is history.

Billy Zane has won some prestigious awards over his career. He has won B-Movie Award, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, and many other awards nominations.

Net worth & Earnings

Billy Zane has long acting career, and he has appeared in many films and TV shows. Except than Titanic, none of his films could really gain a smash success. Still, he has accumulated an impressive net worth throughout his career. The handsome hunk is estimated to have a staggering net worth of $25 million. His net worth is likely to increase in future as he is working on a couple of films and also TV shows. Apart from the acting, he has also made a good amount of money through the film producing.

Film ‘Titanic’ was a turning point in his career. Though he hasn’t appeared in the leading role, his character was immensely loved by the audience in the film. The same year he was featured in another film ‘I Woke up Early the Day I Died’ which was also a huge hit.


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