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Billy Brown Net Worth

Billy Brown Net Worth 2020

William Billy Brown is a famous American actor who got recognition for his role in the year 2017 for a movie. He also used to work as a boxer Richard in an FX series which lasted for a short time only. In the year 2013, he also portrayed the famous Agent Troy in the first season of a famous show titled The Following.

In the year 2013 and 2014, he has also done acting in a Drama series along with Toni Collette. Not only he has done fantastic acting, but he has also given his voice for an animated series named Transformers. In the year 2017, he got his first leading role in a thriller movie. Check out the net worth of Billy Brown in 2020 in this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Billy Brown Net Worth 2020

He was born on 30th October in the year 1970 in Inglewood in California. He is an Actor who belongs to America. He is famous for his roles in the famous TV series. He used to work hard for reaching this platform and stepped up his level gradually. He is the person who is like an inspiration to everyone as he has always tried to do his best. He has kept his early life secret and hasn’t told about it to anyone. Neither he has revealed about the struggles he went through in his life and nor he revealed about his parents and school life.

Personal Life

Although, he is one of the favorite actors of people at this time he has not revealed anything to his fans and media. He has kept his personal life to himself only because he doesn’t want to mix professional and personal life. He has been able to become a successful millionaire by performing as a fantastic actor in the movies and TV series. He has told about his career life to the fans, and you can check out his career and awards here.

Career, Award, & Nominations

He started working as an actor in the year 1993 and played awesome roles in various movies till now. He has appeared in movies like Jurassic Park. From the year 2000 to the year 2003, he has played a remarkable role in the TV series which is quite famous. In the year 2011, he has given his best role as a detective in a TV show titled Dexter. He has also been nominated for various awards till now and has appeared in famous movies like Legend, Cloverfield and many more.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Billy Brown is around $2.5 million which he has accumulated by working as an actor in the movies. He has appeared in various famous movies till now which are a great hit. He has also played roles in the TV series because of which he has been able to earn a lot of recognition and fame along with the love of his fans across the world. He has also nominated for a lot of awards till now, and he deserved to be nominated for more and win awards like he is doing now.

Billy Brown who is the famous actor is a person who started working in the entertainment world in 2011, and from then he appeared in various TV shows and movies which are a big hit. He has played fantastic roles for various people in the movies and shows.

Billy has also been nominated for his work in the movies. He was also cast for the mail role in the year 2017 for a film which titled Proud Mary, and he did it opposite to Taraji Henson. He has also given his voice for various commercials till now. Billy has worked in a number of Tv series which gained him huge recognition.


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