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Billy Blanks Net Worth

Billy Blanks Net Worth 2020

Billy Blanks is an American fitness trainer, martial artist and actor. He developed an exercising plan that he named “Tae Bo” and that made him famous across the world. Together with his contribution into fitness, Billy Blanks is also an actor and appeared in several films like ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and ‘Expect No Mercy’. Let’s find out how much is net worth of Billy Blanks in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Billy Blanks Net Worth 2020

Billy Wayne Blanks was born in Erie, Pennsylvania USA on September 1, 1955 as the fourth of fifteen children of his parents. Blanks started his martial arts study when he was 11 and attended classes of Taekwondo and Karate. He struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia when he was growing up.

Blanks was born with a hip joints anomaly and his movement was impaired. The ensuing clumsiness triggered mocking from his siblings and it was believed he would not achieve a lot. When he watched a Bruce Lee show on TV, he planned that he would be a world champion of martial arts. He studied Karate and discovered the key to his challenges.

Personal Life

Blanks married Gayle H Godfrey in 1974 and he adopted her daughter named Shellie, shortly after their marriage. The couple remained married for 33 years and has a son, Billy Blanks, Jr. However, in 2008 they divorced. In the year 2009, Blanks married Tomoko Sato, his Japanese interpreter, with whom he fathered a daughter, Angelika, who was born in 2008. He has moved to Japan and has adopted two daughters of Sato – Mariett and Erika Peterson.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Blanks got hired for the actress Catherine Bach’s bodyguard in 1988 when the movie ‘Driving Force’ was being filmed. The producers were impressed by him and they wrote Blanks into the script of the movie. This steered him to act in numerous films on martial arts, comprising ‘Bloodfist’, ‘King of the Kickboxers’, ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and ‘Kiss the Girl’.

In later part of 1980s, Blanks originated the “Tae Bo” exercises, using the martial arts elements and his training of boxing. To teach the new exercises, a center of fitness was opened by Blanks in Los Angeles. Afterwards, Blanks attracted several celebrity clients like Paula Abdul, and the exercises became popular quickly. “Tae Bo” turned out to be a phenomenon of pop culture and Blanks started to release mass-marketed videos.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Billy Blanks is more than $40 million. He has made this net worth as the originator of the “Tae Bo” exercising plan as well as through his roles in block buster movies like ‘Expect No Mercy’ and ‘The Last Boy Scout’. In accordance with his financial figures, Billy Blanks obtained $31 million from the settlement of lawsuit after his filing of a malpractice suit against his lawyer Seyfarth Sha and his law firm.

Billy Blanks is a well-known fitness guru over and above a martial artist as well as occasional actor. He is renowned for his exercise program which he named “Tae Bo” and which made him famous throughout the world. Together with his involvement in fitness, he is additionally an actor and he has acted in numerous films such as ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and ‘Expect No Mercy’.


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