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Atticus Shaffer Net Worth

Atticus Shaffer Net Worth 2020

Atticus Shaffer is a famous actor known for his role in ABC sitcom The Middle as Brick Heck. Shaffer has given his voice in the movie Frankenweenie released in 2012. He also made his appearance in the movie Hancock as The Lion Guard and the movie was released in 2008. Keep reading to know more about the net worth of Atticus Shaffer in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Atticus Shaffer Net Worth 2020

Atticus Shaffer was born on June 19, 1998, in Santa Clarita, California. He was the son of Ron and Debbie Shaffer. His childhood was spent on Acton, California and completed his education from there.

Personal Life

Shaffer didn’t have any partner, and his status is single. He didn’t involve in the matter of love and not even noticed while having a crush on any female.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Atticus started his acting career while appearing in the movie The Class where he played his debut role as Jonah. He also received an offer for appearing in the series of Days of Our Lives as Irish boy and also starred in the series of a Human Giant in 2007. In the next year, he got a role in the episodes of Take Your Daughter to Work Day and also signed for the episode of Bad Fad of Out of Jimmy’s Head.

He also received the role of Space Camper in My Name Is Earl while starring in the episode Chaz Dalton’s Space Academy. In the movie The Middle, he was starred as Brock Heck and completed about 215 episodes. He also offered for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to appear as a guest.

In 2010, he made his first look in the episodes of Fish Hooks while providing a voice for the character of Albert Glass and completed 28 episodes of the series. After, he appeared for the role Eddie Nova for the episode I’m in the Band.

In 2011, Atticus was noticed in the three episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar while providing his voice as Vesuvius. At the same year, he was starred in the cast of ThunderCats and received popularity for his appearance. He has appeared in different casts include Shake It Up, Steven Universe, Clarence, The Lion Guard, home: Adventures with Tip & Oh and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. His roles in movies are also noticed in Leaving Barstow, Hancock, The Unborn, Opposite Day, Subject: I Love You, Super Buddies and The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar.

Shaffer has received different achievements in his career he received Media Access Awards for the Actor with the Physical or Emotional appearance. He also received Young Artist Awards for the outstanding young Ensemble in a TV series. Later, he received Annie Awards for making voice acting in a feature production.

Net Worth and Earnings

Atticus has earned the total net worth of around $5.5 million. His earning was considered from his appearances in different television series and movies. He has generated good revenue and having an expensive car with his own house of a million dollars. Moreover, he is considered in the list of actors whose earning is more.

Shaffer is a versatile actor who can be fit in any of the roles. He has appeared in different casts and started his acting career from the movie The Chess. His ability to perform in different stages helped him to get more roles in the television series.


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