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Alan Rickman Net Worth (DEAD)

Alan Rickman Net Worth 2020

Alan Rickman was the favorite of all children as he was famously known by the name of ‘Severus Snape’ in the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Alan has gained much attention and recognition for significant role in Harry Potter where children and youth fall for his brilliant acting skill and performance. Apart from being a legendary actor, Alan has showcased his ability and talent in the form of a television personality, director, and also a remarkable theatre artist. Let us find out the net worth of Alan Rickman in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Alan Rickman Net Worth 2020

Alan Rickman was born on 21 February 1946 in London in the United Kingdom, and thus he was born with British nationality. Initially, Alan Rickman was born with the birth name as ‘Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman.’ Rickman was born to father ‘Bernard William Rickman’ who was a factory worker by profession and mother ‘Margaret Doreen Rose’ was a homemaker.

Rickman has grown up along with his other siblings ‘Sheila Rickman’, ‘Michael Rickman,’ and lastly ‘David Rickman.’ At the age of only 8, Alan’s mother handed the children single handed as their father died of lung cancer. Alan Rickman did his schooling from the ‘Latymer Upper School.’ Next, Rickman did his college from the ‘Chelsea College of Art and Design.’ Later, Rickman enrolled himself at the ‘Royal College of Art.’

Personal Life

In the year 2012, Alan Rickman got hitched to ‘Rima Horton’ who was a labor party counselor by profession. The couple together had no children.

At the age of only 69, Alan Rickman died of pancreatic cancer in the year 2016.

Career, Awards & Achievements

Alan Rickman along with his college friends had launched his own independent graphic design studio which they named it as ‘Graphiti.’ Later, after some time, Alan shifted his focus towards his acting career.

At the initial stage, Alan Rickman worked has significant theatre artist and was also actively involved with many British theatre groups.

In the year 1978, Alan Rickman got the opportunity to work in the Shakespearean play ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

In 1982, Rickman got featured in the popular television series ‘The Barchester Chronicles.’

Significantly over the years, Alan Rickman featured in many films such as ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Sense and Sensibility,’ ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply,’ ‘Close My Eyes,’ and many others.

Alan Rickman’s most turning point in the film career came when he remarkably portrayed the role of ‘Severus Snape’ in the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

In the year 1992, Alan Rickman has been bestowed by the ‘BAFTA Film Award’ for the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.’

In the year 1996, Alan Rickman has been bestowed by two awards ‘Primetime Emmy Award,’ and the other one was the ‘Golden Globe Award’ for the film ‘Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destin.’

Net Worth & Earnings

Alan Rickman was quite a delightful character both in reel life and real life as he has portrayed various characters and role in a more delighting way which has entertained the global audiences mostly. Therefore, the total estimated net worth of Alan Rickman is about $17 million approximately.

The sudden demise of Alan Rickman has left the country in shock and a mourning state for an extended period. Alan’s nobility of performance has fetched him soaring heights of success, name, and fame abundantly.


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