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Adam Savage Net Worth

Adam Savage Net Worth 2020

Adam Savage is a popular host of the show ‘Myth Busters Science’. He is also known for his antics as a model maker worker in movies such as star wars, animation movies and the designing of toys. Being a science geek, he has taught model making as part-time in the University of San Francisco. Below is a synopsis of the net worth of Adam Savages in the calendar year 2019.

Early Life & Biography

Adam Savage Net Worth 2020

Adams birth name is Adam Whitney Savage. He was born in 1967, July 15th in New York. He is the child to Whitney Lee Savage who starred in sesame street fame. His mother’s profession is a psychotherapist and has two brothers and three younger sisters. He attended high school at sleepy hollow where after graduation he went to acting school for a period of five years. He thought about furthering his studies at New York University in the art school but dropped out after just six months.

He became familiarized with the entertainment industry due to his father’s involvement in the same area. However, he also had a passion for designing things since he was a child and decided he wanted to try it out. He is also hardworking and has done several jobs in carpentry, costume and model making and also designing.

Personal Life

Currently, he has married Julia ward with whom they have blessed with two sons, and they reside in San Francisco.

Career, Awards & Nominations

His career started when he was a child when he had the role of a voice artist on his dad’s TV show ‘Seame Street’. Immediately after graduating from high school he made appearances in a music video and also a TV commercial.
Adam later went to Francisco where he started his dream career in designing. In this endeavor, he worked for mega companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King and Nike as a set designer and producer.

He was appointed the head of toy company ZOOB where he worked for one and a half years before deciding to return to filming.

He was employed by ‘Industrial Light and Magic Visual Effects’. His most successful project since then was The Star Wars, Matrix sequels and bicentennial man. In the process of his time with the company, he was teaching art in San Francisco.

Adam has also hosted the myth busters alongside Jamie, and since then, this has proved to be a major success, and as a result, he has gained fame across the world and with a big fan following.
Adam is currently working as a contributor for tested.com.

His passion in wanting to design new things made him to be recognized at an early stage when his commercial for coca cola was nominated for Clio Award.

He has since been nominated for many other awards of which he has won several of them including the IIG Award, an honorary doctorate by the University of Twente. He has been nominated for Emmy award for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012. He has achieved a lot among them being having a successful career.

Net Worth & Earnings

Adam has enjoyed a successful stint over the period of his career. In this time he has been able to accumulate a net worth of around $10 million. He has realized this figure through his diversified roles in the filming and shows. Some of the films he has contributed in like the star wars have gone on to become blockbusters.

Being a science enthusiast has been a vital element in building his career. His creations have given viewers some extraordinary experiences. He is loved across the world not only for his inventions in the filming industry but also because of his love for nature and science. There is surely a lot to come from him in the future.